frequently asked questions


You may have a few questions about Sausage & Cider Fest that can be answered right here!

If you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch with us at

general questions and information

what is sausage and cider fest?

Well kinda does what it says on the tin… we are an event that celebrates the different tastes of sausage from around the world and also the different flavours of ciders that are around!

where is sausage and cider fest?

We are a national touring event so we go as far north as Aberdeen and as far south as the Isle of Wight! - If you think you have a venue or city we should visit then email us -

ticket& entry information

where can i buy tickets?

Tickets are mainly available on our website (you are on it, Just click on your city) and also via Eventbrite. We may also host tickets on some other sites such as see tickets. You can See all city tickets here - CLICK HERE

How much are tickets?

Tickets start from just £10, if you are one of the quickest people to buy you will get them at that price.

All of our tickets are hosted on Eventbrite or See Tickets. Both of these companies add a booking fee and unfortunately we do not have control of those.

why is there an entry charge when I then have to pay for my drinks and food?

The cost of admission is the fee for Entry, this helps us cover costs such as – hire charges for the venues, lighting, set up and the musical entertainment. There are also cleaning, insurance, security and administrative costs.

what is the latest time for admittance?

The last admission is one hour before the Session ends.

does each event sell out?

Most of our sessions sell out and there is no guarantee tickets will be available on the day for any sessions. You are strongly advised to purchase tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.

I bought a ticket but now find I can’t attend. can I get a refund?

Sorry – no. Our policy is no refunds of tickets or tokens purchased in advance. However, if you have bought a ticket that you then find you can’t use, you can transfer it to a friend.

are these inside or outside?

All Sausage & Cider Fests are hosted Inside venues, some venues we will have cooking outside due to each venues rules but a majority of venues will let us cook inside as well

can i bring my children?

Unfortunately not we are 18+ strictly, this means children in prams as well.
ID Will be required.

can i bring my dog/pet?

Unless you have a Guide-dog or an assistance pet unfortunately we do not allow them

drinks and food information

how do i buy drinks?

All drinks can only be purchased via our drinks token system.

All drinks will be able to be purchased via these tokens, but food will not.

can we buy food with tokens?

Unfortunately not, only drinks can be purchased with tokens. Food will be via cash or card.

drinks tokens

All drinks will be only available to be purchased via drinks tokens.

These tokens are available online before the event and also on the day. There are better offers online with tokens, rewarding those people who purchase early with discounts - Please contact us if you do not have your drinks token email after you purchase your tickets. At our best online rate on tokens mens a pint will be £3.85!!

how many tokens do drinks cost?

1 Token will work out to 1/2 a beer and a single mixer will be 2 tokens.
At our best online rate on tokens mens a pint will be £3.85!!

We will have a great range of ciders that you can see here we will also have a full bar that will host many different spirits such as Gin, Run, Vodka and also some Prosecco! Plus also some beers for those who would like that instead.

what is there to drink?

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